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In some situations it is appropriate to make a claim for compensation.  These situations come about when an individual has clearly been lied to or mis sold and this deception can be proven in a court of law.  It is an unfortunate reality that some sales people make false statements in order to achieve a sale and often this type of mis selling can warrant a legal action in the form of a compensation claim.

Other reasons that an individual might be in a position to mount a successful compensation claim could be that they have an illegal contract because it has be set up “in perpetuity”.   This clause means that the contract goes on forever and even passes on to your children when you die burdening them with ongoing financial obligations.

In certain sectors these contracts have been deemed illegal and have been successfully prosecuted in courts across Europe.  In order to find out whether you have a basis for a claim it is important for one of our international contract law professionals to assess your paperwork and outline your choices.

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