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About Us

Our Beginnings

Meridian Litigation Advisors was created to provide a badly needed service for individuals who were in dispute with business entities or private organisations.  We saw that very often problems could be solved through professional mediation and expert legal knowledge rather than those individuals having to resort to costly litigation.

However, although we are of the opinion that suitable solutions can be found in a middle ground outside the courtroom, we also understand that some situations – such as contractual termination or mis selling – usually require the intervention of our legal partners in order to bring about a successful resolution.  Indeed, in some cases we identify issues that qualify a client to make a claim for compensation.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple – we believe that the best way to approach any dispute is to first meet and discuss matters before instructing lawyers and commencing a legal battle.  Very often we find that we can find a solution that is agreeable to all parties without going to court.  It is this philosophy that underpins all the actions and advice we supply on behalf of our clients.

Our Location

Meridian Litigation Advisors has its headquarters in the south of Tenerife.  Because the island is very much a centre of international business, this location enables us to keep abreast of the latest developments happening with companies throughout the Canaries, Spain and Europe.

Our UK based legal personnel are in close contact with us to ensure that they are up-to-date with any changes to international contract law.

Our Team

The head office is the centre of our administration providing workspace for the various departments that make up the organisation including legal negotiators, mediation consultants and claims auditors as well as human resources, accounts and admin.

We also have a network of staff and partners throughout Spain and the United Kingdom as well as multi lingual advisors – including German, French, Dutch and Scandinavian speakers – who can provide clients from anywhere in Europe with a service in their own language.

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