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A successful mediation is led by an experienced negotiator who is able to gain a strong understanding of both the situation and the individuals’ needs in order to find resolutions that are acceptable to both parties involved in the dispute and to reach an amicable conclusion.

These skills and abilities are developed through many years of expert training and hands on experience.  Our negotiators are taught how to empathise with both sides in a dispute and explore scenarios which will result in an optimal outcome.

This level of professionalism and experience is vital in successfully navigating a path to a satisfactory finish.  Meridian Litigation Advisors has these skills as well as a proven track record in providing an expert service which gains the results our clients require.

Very often we find that our clients have stayed with a costly situation because they simply do not know where to turn.  We understand how complicated contract law can seem and that is why we assist you every step of the way to a successful resolution.


Sometimes the best results can be brought about through professional mediation. We seek to resolve disputes between businesses and our clients in order to avoid the high costs of legal action.


If we are unable to reach a successful resolution through professional mediation we then instruct our Spanish and UK legal partners to assist our clients in achieving a legal termination of the contract.


If your situation has a strong case for a compensation claim then our legal partners will analyse your contractual paperwork, explain your options and outline what you can expect to receive in compensation.

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